Monday, September 20, 2010


This week has been super busy. Everyday was packed with school (!!!), appointments, and meetings, and that was just for the kids and me. Grant was gone for most of the week with school during the day and rehearsals at night.

Monday morning Maddie had her 6 month appointment at the Down Syndrome Center (DSC). I am always anxious about these appointments, and I am so in my head when they happen that I am not so good at paying attention to much else. During the appointment, the nurse handed Aiden a paper measuring tape that she had used to measure Maddie's head circumference. Apparently he asked me if he could wrap it around his neck to measure it, and I replied, "Ok, Honey!" Luckily, Grant and the nurse were paying much more attention than I was and didn't allow him to get even close to doing this. Of course, normally I would never have allowed this, but I'm just so wrapped up in everything that's going on at the DSC that I can't focus on much else.

The rest of her appointment went really well. She is gaining weight like a champ and according to their calculations, she is in the almost 50th percentile for girls with DS. We have been having problems with her feeding recently. She has been having problems eating her baby food and has been choking and gaging during feedings and even afterwards. The pediatrician recommended that we take her to get a feeding evaluation and a swallow study (cookie swallow). He also recommended that we get an Occupational Therapist (OT) and Speech Therapist in through our Early Intervention (EI) services. We have scheduled the cookie swallow and feeding evaluation for October 11th and then have a follow-up scheduled for November 11th. I am waiting to hear back from our EI coordinator about the OT and Speech Therapist, but should hear back sometime in the next week or so. It's a little overwhelming to be having 4 therapists in our house every week, but I'm hoping OT and Speech are temporary.

Tuesday, Aiden started preschool. For months I have been both excited and anxious about the start of school for him. Fortunately, they encourage parents to stay with their kids the first full day of school and to take "coffee breaks" throughout the day to ease the kids into separating from their parents. Really though, I think it's more for the parents than the kids. So after taking a "coffee break" on the first day, I went up into the observation room they have, put on the headphones and listened and watched as Aiden played the rest of the morning with all his new friends. He did a great job and appeared not to miss me at all. He did have some trouble the first day listening to his teachers and he really wanted to follow a little boy who was kind of a trouble maker, but all in all, he did a great job! I was so proud. He enjoyed it so much that when I came back into the room, he started crying because he wasn't ready to leave.

On Wednesday I thought that I would be able to just drop Aiden off and leave, but the observation room is so addicting that once I got up there to check on him, I didn't leave. I am amazed at watching this little boy who has grown so much from this tiny baby I once had. He is so kind and gentle to his new friends and always invites them to play with him. He doesn't like it so much when other kids butt in and take what he's playing with, but instead of having a temper tantrum, he tries to redirect them to something else, or if he's really angry, he lets the teacher know. On the first day I didn't cry at all, but on Wednesday, when Aiden told his teacher he had to go potty, then went to the bathroom, pulled down his pants and underwear, went potty, wiped, pulled up his pants and underwear, and washed his hands all by himself, I couldn't have been more proud! I almost lost it right there and then. Again, at the end of the day, when Aiden saw me, he started crying because he wasn't ready to go home. I think I had prepared myself for him to cry when I left, but I wasn't ready for this. His teachers are going to think I'm some horrible parent if this keeps up.

Maddie also had PT Wednesday afternoon. She did amazing, as always! And, she even sat up for a whole 30 seconds by herself!! I've found that she is really enthralled by clapping, and that if I clap and cheer for her while the PT balances her and then lets go she doesn't even realize she's doing it herself.

Thursday, Grant took Aiden to school and I stayed at home with Maddie and got some chores done. I have to say, it was really nice having those 3 hours to get some things done around the house. Grant ended up staying the whole time watching Aiden in the observation room, too. So far, Aiden has not had a day at school with us not there, even though he thinks we're gone. Monday will be the first day. I'm hoping. It's just really hard to leave him though. I guess I'm worried that I won't be there if he needs me. Although, I'm not really sure what I would do if he actually did need me. It's not like I'd just barge into the room, but I'm afraid I'll miss something, too and he won't remember to tell me. I think this is definitely harder on me than it is on him.

Friday, there was no school, and when I told Aiden that he got to spend the day with me and didn't have to go to school, he cried. I thought that he'd be as excited as I was to spend the day with me, but he wasn't, he just wanted to go back to school. Poor Mama.

Maddie had her Developmental Therapist come in on Friday, and I was so excited to tell her that Maddie has started saying, "Buh, buh, buh"!! Her little voice is so sweet and I can't wait to hear all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things that she will eventually say. The next thing we will work on are her "m" sounds and "d" sounds. I was so ecstatic to hear the "buh", I can't imagine how I will feel when I hear the "ma" sound come out!

Maddie has also decided that she really enjoys having her Daddy sing her to sleep and takes advantage of having him home to put her down as often as she can.

Next week is just as busy as this week was, but luckily it won't be as new. Hopefully, I'll be able to leave Aiden at preschool this week. Maddie and I have a lot of girl time that we need to start enjoying!


Kristina said...

It won't let me watch the video:(

Brenna Dean said...

I saw you post up on fb that you had a new blog and it got me so excited because I miss you and your family so much! Then I went down and realized how much I missed! A minivan?? I'm pretty sure it was just the other day that you weren't too far away from my age now and I was so young, looking up to you. Time sure has flown! It seems like the family is doing wonderful and I love love love the pictures you put up. =) I hope Maddie keeps doing well and Aiden has a great school year! Tell Grant I said hi and I love you all so much Court! <33

Courtney Williams said...

Kristina- I think I fixed it. It was marked as private, and now I've opened it up to be public on YouTube. Hope that did it, if not, let me know.

Brenna- I'm gonna fb message you. I've been thinking about you recently. I want to know how school's going and everything else! Love you!

Katie said...

Can't believe Aiden is doing such a great job at school. Way to go Aiden! Love the video of Maddie chatting. I could listen to baby babble all day long.

Kristina said...

OH MY GOSH! That video is the cutest thing ever. She is so adorable and I love her little voice and the faces she makes. Tooo Cute.
I love Aidens backpack, and that is so neat that you get to sit and watch while he is at preschool. I wish that had something like that around here.

Uncle Brian and Aunt Bridget said...

Hi Courtney, Grant, Aiden & Maddie,
Your blog is terrific!! We just came back from visiting Brenna for parents weekend at Wagner college. She told us about your site and showed us the beautiful pictures. I'm sure you emailed us but I forgot to update my bookmarks. Aiden & Maddie look wonderful and sounds like Maddie is progressing nicely. We really miss all of you. We can't wait to see you. We were hoping to join you for the walk but Brian Jr. is in for fall break so we can't get out to Pittsburgh. We love you all very much.:)