Sunday, January 2, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

Ok, I'm really behind in my blogging. I have started 5 different posts and haven't finished one yet. So I'm going to go back and finish the posts that I started. I'm hoping to eventually catch up to more current events.

The beginning of fall is my most favorite time. However, Christmas time is a close second. I like the fall because it's still warm enough to get outside and do things without freezing to death, there is the farmers market, the warm fall colors, pumpkins and pumpkin patches, and Zoo Boo. It seems like the entire month of October is jam packed with fun things to do.

But, December is just as busy and, although cold, just as fun. I love how the warm colors of fall have melted into deep, rich colors that can warm you just from looking at them. The pumpkins are gone, but replacing them are poinsettias with their huge burgundy leaves. There are twinkling lights everywhere you look, and the way they light up a living room makes it so much more cozy to snuggle into. The hot chocolate and marshmallows that melt away the cold, and the smell of a fresh tree right inside your house, not to mention the stories, cookies and songs, all warm me from the inside, out.

We spent Thanksgiving with my Mom this year and had a great time with everyone. When we got home, we decided that it was either get the Christmas Tree up now or wait another week, possibly two, before Grant had time again to help. So after driving 6 hours home from Mom's, we drove straight to pick out our Christmas tree.

It took us no time at all to pick out a tree, and before we knew it, it was on top of our car and we were on our way home, with decorations, ready to unload, unpack, and decorate.

This year Aiden was able to help us put decorations on the tree and he was excited to be able to do it. He was especially happy to put his decorations on the tree.

Unfortunately, he really thought this ornament was a real cookie and kept trying to eat it.

Maddie sat around supervising us and eating biscuits, but enjoyed herself none-the-less.

Aiden with the small tree for the kids' bedroom. He was really excited to be able to have a christmas tree in his room.

One disadvantage to having Aiden help decorate the tree was that most of the ornaments ended up in one spot, but it was cute, so we left it there.

I was excited for Aiden to be able to put the star on top of the tree this year. I have fond memories of my brother and I sitting on my dad's shoulders, putting the angel on the top of the tree, and I was anxious for Aiden to be able to start this tradition.

Our tree and Christmas decorations look about the same as last years, but as we were decorating, I remembered the anticipation I had last year about what this year would be like. So many things have changed this year, but I remember thinking that this year our family would be a little more complete than last year, and with Maddie's arrival, it is.

I am looking forward to all the things this Christmas season has to offer, and all the new memories we will make.

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