Tuesday, March 29, 2011

School Pictures

Today Aiden had his first school pictures ever taken. I have been so excited about this, imagining us years from now proudly displaying his cute preschool photo at his high school graduation open house. I imagined how it would start off the entire book of photos taken all the way through school, how he will change over the years until you can see a glimpse of what he looked like as a kid, but without the photo to prove it you wouldn't have guessed it was him. I dreamt of his cute crooked smile showing a little bit of his front two teeth, one which is pushed up further than the other from a combination of sucking his thumb and a chair falling on him when he was a baby, his huge eyes and eyelashes that seem to open the world to him, and his cute little button nose. I expected ooo-ing and ahh-ing over his sweet little pictures and trying to decide which one looked just right to send out to all our family and friends.

What I didn't expect was for his "rudiculus" (or ridiculous) faces to be captured on film digital image forever.

And that's just what happened. His teacher warned me right before she handed me the photos that he just wanted to make ridiculous faces, so they let him do that and then they had him smile for real. I want to know why I didn't get any of the smiling photos?!?

I do have to say that the upper left picture isn't a ridiculous face, but his "I'm shy and not sure what's going on" face. I love that face!! But the rest are pretty goofy, so it looks as if he didn't stay shy for too long! What a funny boy!

So, once again, my children are teaching me a lesson... don't imagine grandiose scenarios that would never come true in a million years, instead get the most outrageous picture to torture him with when he's a teenager! :) Ha ha! I love you, Stinker!

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Amanda said...

He is totally my brother....Nick has these cheesy faces that he always made in his school pictures.....it's funny now but I don't think my mom liked it all that much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!